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HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC Tax Investigation Specialist

Our associate tax advisers are currently one of the top ranked tax investigation specialists in the UK with one of the highest success rates.  The team comprises of qualified Chartered tax advisers and ex- HMRC senior tax inspectors who have successfully closed a large number of complex tax investigations.

They know the tax investigation process based on the legislation, HMRC practices and how the tax tribunal judges will treat these matters


Our specialists have years of experience in dealing with Code of Practice 8 and 9 investigations and will provide the advice and representation to ensure there are no come backs from HMRC and that the minimal amount of tax and penalties are paid.

Below are some of the main areas at Zuheir Consulting of which we can assist;


Code of Practice 8 and 9 – Fraud Investigations


The consequences of these investigations can be severe including prosecution and being put in jail.


Tax Investigations – Fraud Investigation Service


Have you received a letter from HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service (FIS)?

This means that HMRC have suspicion that you may be involved in some form of tax fraud.  It’s very important that you speak to a tax investigation specialist as soon as possible.


Section 9A Compliance Check for VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Payroll Taxes


These investigations are used by HMRC to get their foot into your business and explore if there are any discrepancies.  If discrepancies are found, HMRC can use their powers to go back 20 years to recover any underpaid tax as well as charge penalties and interest.  It’s important that you seek specialist advice as soon as possible.


Tax Tribunals


If you need representation at a tax tribunal, our associate tax investigation team including ex-HMRC senior inspectors will provide the right advice and support during the proceedings. They’ll advise on the right steps to take.


HMRC Bankruptcies


If you are being pursued by HMRC for outstanding tax and being threatened for bankruptcies then it is crucial that you seek specialist help before you’re actually made bankrupt.  Our associate tax team have many years of experience in stopping bankruptcy petitions filed by HMRC and streamlining payment plans which HMRC’s debt management would not normally accept.  


Areas we cover

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