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Without you, we simply won’t exist.  The foundation behind our proven success is by supporting people like you and together we will make a difference…


Setting up your own business is naturally one of the biggest decisions you will ever make – so we need to make it count!  There will be many upsides and potential challenges that can end your dream – that’s where we come in.  With careful, strategic planning, we identify to reduce or eliminate any potential threats.

You have the passion- which is key to success, however, the legal and finance aspects as crucial to all businesses, we have that covered!

The first hurdle of any start-up business is always delicate, but we’re right behind you.


Bookkeeping is part of the account’s preparation, it involves recording all the day-to-day financial transactions of your business.  This includes recording sales, purchases, bank & credit card transactions, expense claims and payroll data.


As a businessperson, you must be able to manage the finances in a way that you can ensure the long-term viability and profitability of the business.

Preparing annual accounts can be difficult and time consuming, at Zuheir Consulting we take away the hassle leaving you to focus on what you do best – operating your business.

Submission of Accounts and Corporate tax returns for your business accurately and within deadlines.


Do you employ only a handful of people? Ensuring your payroll run is compliant with employment legislation, pension auto enrolment and avoiding possible fines, can be a burden.

Whether you run a weekly or monthly payroll service, you must ensure that accurate income tax and national insurance be calculated for all your employees, these must be submitted withing the real time information (RTI) system to HMRC.  Employees who meet a threshold must be automatically enrolled on a pension scheme (auto enrolment) – we can take care of this and ensure you meet all requirements.


VAT can be a challenging for any business, it makes sense to leave it to the professionals. 

VAT is regarded as one of the most complex tax regimes that businesses must comply with, this can lead to unintentional underpayments.

We can provide support and advice in respect of registration – the appropriate schemes and options such as the flat rate scheme, submitting the quarterly return on your behalf using the making tax digital (MTD) software and EC sales submissions.

With our support – you’ll be given good advice as to how to stay compliant with HMRC without paying more than the necessary.

Management accounts

Management accounts is pivotal in tracking and measuring the performance of your business.  Typically, this includes both qualitative and quantitative data but focus will be on the financial performance of the business and take an in-depth analysis for continuous improvement.  We will be looking to working with you monthly if not weekly, to identify any risks and improvements but most importantly – drive you to your end goal.

Company secretarial

  • Company incorporation
  • Filing company house forms
  • Document certification
  • Confirmation statements

Other activities we can undertake

  • Management accounts preparation
  • Cash flow setting an updating
  • Profit forecasts
  • Business plans for gaining investment
  • Personal financial tax planning
  • Share investment appraisal
  • Inheritance Tax planning

Too much Jargon? Don’t suffer in silence, give us a call and lets breakdown the terminology